Friday, November 1, 2013

Before Travel

 With this personal journal endeavour, I would like to take you to the journey which I cherish. Are you ready to travel with me? Yes…?! Welcome Aboard!!!
   With this travel please remember you are part of me, you see whatever I see, hear what I hear and feel how I felt. My travel had already begun even before we physically started from Bangalore. From the moment I had known that the place of field immersion was Kerala, several things started and performed their stage show in the auditorium called my mind. 
There were several important scenes in that shows, one being, in one of the team meetings I was chosen to be Group Co-Ordinator, speaking with Gautham for the first time, arranging team meetings, my initial impressions about the team, struggle to bring all people under one roof and minimise absenteeism, tickets booking, conference call with Organisation (Sarang) and last but not the least one of the Team member dropping out of University Course.
Even though, some things might look vital and others trivial, to me, each one of those helped me to prepare myself.
 I would just give you a quick flash back so that you get a good picture on what was in my mind. 

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